Intermediate Program Administrator

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Date Posted: 09-14-2018
Currently seeking an Intermediate Program Administrator
Contract: 48 weeks
Position Summary Description
The following tasks are to be performed in this position:
  • Generate SAP  reports for Librabry of Parliament Requests and Parliamentary Written Questions on behalf of PHAC/SPB/FNIHB (ISC)
  •  Coordinates and consolidates Gs&Cs information for ATIPS when multiple branches are involved (validation to be done by the program)
  •  Generates, consolidates and coordinates G&C departmental reporting to the Minister and TBS.
  • Generates, Consolidates and coordinates reports for the Minister or Deputy Level as required.
Develops and maintains the HC dashboards for overrides and recoveries and overdue reports; and for accounts receivables.
  • Ad-hoc G&Cs reports from various stakeholders
  • Preparation of monthly reconciliations for Commitments, expenses and receivables for G&Cs  between SAP and GCIMS (Grants and Contributions Information Management  System)
Project Tasks
Requirements / experience (mandatories)
Minimum 2 years’ experience with the following;
  • SAP
  • Web Focus
Recent  experience with
  • GCIMS (Grants and Contributions Information Management  System)
  • Secondary school diploma is required
  • Certificate, diploma, or degree in a relevant field, from a recognized post secondary institution or an acceptable combination of education, training and experience is required
  • Minimum of six (6) months of relevant experience is required
Job Specific Criteria (resource must have the following)
Minimum 3 years’ experience with the following;
  • SAP
  • Lotus Notes
  • MCCS
  • Web Focus
Recent (within the last 2 years)  experience with
  • GCIMS (Grants and Contributions Information Management System)
Security Clearance
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