Senior Systems Analyst

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Date Posted: 12-05-2017
Currently seeking a Senior Systems Analyst
Contract:  6 months with 2, 3 month options
Position Summary Description
CNSC is looking for an experienced Senior Systems Analyst. This senior specialist will work with CNSC employees to upgrade the existing document management system (e-Access/RDIMS) to a newer version (OpenText eDOCS 16.x).  
The resource will need to develop and document the update plan and then implement the process in the lab environment.  After successful completion in the lab environment, the resource will then be responsible for documenting and planning the update for the production environment.  The resource will also be called upon for expertise on the client side configuration along with the requirements for integrating the current Office Suite (2010) and the future Office Suite (2016) with the new e-Access (RDIMS) version.
The resource will be required to implement all production environment changes following a thorough planning and testing exercise in the lab environment.  All activities would need to be documented for change management and for ongoing maintenance.  It is likely that requirements of this resource will expand beyond the current scope, as time permits.  
Project Tasks
Requirements / experience (mandatories)
  • minimum of ten (10) years of IT experience as a systems analyst
  • minimum of five (5) years of experience in the architecture, implementation and support of a Government of Canada RDIMS solution
  • has experience in performing an upgrade from OpenText DM version 5.3.x to DM 10 or DM 16 in an environment of at least 300 users
  • Experience integrating applications (ie MS-Office Suite, Acrobat, etc) with DM 10/16
  • must provide client references for three (3) of the last four (4) projects that can validate the resource’s experience as a Systems Analyst
Assets(Rated Requirements)
  • Demonstrate detailed experience in managing RDIMS metadata databases in SQL
  • Demonstrate detailed experience in managing RDIMS metadata databases in SQL
  • Demonstrate detailed experience with iRIMs database (version 7.1.x or higher) 
  • Demonstrate detailed experience managing/migrating custom profile forms from DM 5.3.x to DM 10 or DM16 
  • Demonstrate detailed experience with custom triggers in SQL
Security Clearance
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