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Senior Application Software Architect

Ottawa, Ontario
Currently seeking a Senior Application Software Architect
Contract:  1 year, with 4-1 year options to extend
Position Summary Description
Service improvement has been a priority for the Government of Canada for several years. To support the GC direction, the Digital Transformation Services Sector was created with a mandate to drive digital transformation across the department. This sector is responsible for the development and implementation of ISED’s Service Management Strategy, which aims to deliver innovative, integrated client-centric digital services through a number of projects and institute a department-wide culture of service excellence.
The idea of a mobile application is to make the small businesses experience friendly and help them navigate through government services or programs while enabling government to push tailored programs and services to a business based on profile and relevance.
The mobile application will leverage the power of digital technologies on the device: biometrics, camera, geolocation, push notifications, alerts and security. This supports a simple, seamless and personalized experience to make it easier for businesses.
  • Design mobile app architectures;
  • Develop mobile app prototypes;
  • Develop mobile app frameworks;
  • Cloud based architectures for mobile applications;
  • Assure that project(s)  outcomes align with ISED Enterprise Architecture principles and guidelines and TBS guidelines on IT/mobile solutions;
  • Provide RDAD/DSD Senior Management with timely, strategic advice regarding project(s)  scope, delivery risks and mitigations;
  • Identify risks that arise during prototyping project(s) and analyze them and develop appropriate mitigation plan(s); 
  • Provide knowledge transfer to the RDAD team; and
  • Other related tasks/deliverables related to mobile apps.
Project Tasks
Requirements / experience (mandatories)
  • If the proposed resource has been contracted at Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) within the last five (5) years, the Bidder must provide the following information for reference checking purposes:
  • The proposed resource must have greater than ten (10) years professional work experience as an Application Software Architect.
  • must provide three (3) client references for separate Government of Canada (GoC) department/agency/crown corporation organizations where the proposed resource was contracted to develop mobile applications within the last five (5) years.
  • must have professional work experience on a minimum of three (3) projects developing architectural solutions leveraging mobile operating systems application development for separate (distinct) Government of Canada (GoC) organizations.
  • must have a minimum of ten (10) years professional work experience analyzing business requirements and creating software and technical solutions to meet clients growing business needs.
  • must have professional work experience on a minimum of five (5) projects developing mobile applications utilizing iOS and/or Android.
  • the proposed resource possesses an undergraduate degree or college diploma from a recognized accredited university or college in information management/ information technology or a similar discipline.
Point Rated Criteria
  • Demonstrated professional work experience in an IM/IT environment as an Application Software/Developer Architect in excess of the ten year minimum
  • Demonstrated professional work experience developing architectural solutions leveraging mobile operating systems application development for Government of Canada and/or Provincial Governments and/or private sector organizations in excess of the requirement in M5.
  • Demonstrated professional work experience creating databases and stored procedures for the data access layer.
  • Demonstrated professional work experience applying agile scrum methodology in the development of applications
  • Demonstrated professional work experience using Cocoa Touch UI framework for building software programs to run on iOS.
  • Demonstrated professional work experience using React Native user interface library for cross-platform mobile application development
  • Demonstrated professional work experience creating a continuous integration and delivery pipeline
  • Demonstrated professional work experience architecting a cloud-based digital platform that included a mobile platform.
Security Clearance
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